3 ways to add URL link to Instagram

If you want to add URL link to an Instagram you can use next easy ways to do it.
At first, there are six steps to add a clickable URL link to an Instagram:
1. Log into your Instagram account.
2. On the right corner you’ll see your username or settings and click this button.
3. You will see a “edit profile” tab, click.
4. On this page you will see a section to input a “website”, this is where you will put either the UWebsite URL.
5. Go back to your profile and you will notice underneath your description on your Instagram account that you will now have a clickable link to your website or YouTube page.
6. Now when you comment on other peoples Instagram post you can say things like #LinkInBio which means, my link to my website is on my page and you can click it to find out more info.

We hope that you use this feature on your Instagram channel.
Also you can use Bitly link. When you save a link with Bitly it comes with a 6-7 random character ending. You can customize the ending of this link to something easier to remember or type. This is sometimes referred to as a vanity URL.
For example, you can take a link like this: http://bit.ly/YpsrII
And customize it to look like this: http://bit.ly/bitly_signup
You can customize a link right after you save it. You’ll see a small pencil next to your Bitlink. Click on the pencil to edit the customization for your link.

When you are finished, click the ‘Save’ button below.
Aso you can add a text hyperlink to your images (watermarks apps). Simply edit your pics and add a link to the pic in text form that viewers can then copy into the address bar.
Now, you can choose one of these methods and use it.