Top rated cheapest Linux VPS hosting services

A virtual private server (VPS) is ideal for those seeking scalable, reliable hosting resources at a reasonable monthly price. There are most cheapest reliable Linux VPS hosting services in the world 2016:
1. GermanVPS. 10 years they are active and provide you with premium hosting services. Plan Linux VPS OVZ only for $0.99/month. With Green Power, IPv4 + IPv6, 2000 MB HDD, 64 MB RAM, 200 GB traffic, Full root access and SolusVM Webinterface.

2. Plutoserver. vSERVER technology combines the advantages of shared hosting (web hosting) and dedicated servers. You get full root access and can install own software, such as TeamSpeak or others. Plan BASIC for $1.99/month. CPU Cores 1 Core, WDisk Space 10 GB, Guaranteed RAM 256 MB, IPs 1 X IPv4 + IPv6, Traffic Unlimited, VPN via TUN/TAP and PPP Device.
3. Kitdos. Top linux VPS quality. Dedicated Resources Guaranteed ! 99.99% uptime guaranteed ! 1.0GBPS Network connection and Top stable RAID1 hard drive. Plan #1LKVM Linux VPS only for $3.95/month. 512 MB RAM, 1 CPU Core 3.4 GHz, 25 GB Raid 1 Storage, 1000 GB Premium Traffic, 1.0 Gbps Connection Port and 99.99% Uptime Guarantee.

4. Atlantic. Fast SSD VPS Hosting. Unlimited inbound bandwidth. If free outbound bandwidth is exceeded, each additional GB is .02/GB. Plan XS Server for $4.97 per month. Ram 512MB, Processor 1 vCPU, Disk (SSD) 20 GB and Transfer 2 TB.
5. Contabo. VPS hosting as a cost-efficient solution offers you the best features of both dedicated servers and webspace products: Take advantage of our cheap hosting plans. Plan VPS M for 7.99 EUR/month. CPU with Two cores, RAM 6 GB, Disk storage 500 GB SSD-boosted, 100 Mbit/s port with UNLIMITED Traffic.